Women in Computing is produced by LGfL on behalf of the National Education Network.

Project Manager and Creator - Bob Usher LGfL
Project Co-Creator - Kathy Olsson E2BN
Orginal Web/UI Design and Front-End Development - Mark Eagle LGfL
Orginal Application Development - Chris Felstead LGfL
Orginal Proofing - Mark Bentley LGfL
Project Advisor - Dr Doron Swade MBE Computing Historian
Project Consultant Historian - Dr Helen Fry Historian
Additional Project Development Support - Julia Adamson British Computing Society, Bradley Dardis LGfL and Laura Smith LGfL


Many people and organisations have contributed to the creation of this resource, providing access to individuals andlocations which would not normally be possible. Without such support, this resource creation would not have been possible.

We are grateful to the following organisations for their generous supported in developing this resource:


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